Coming to life...

Spring is here and it's been one of the longest, darkest and coldest winters I've ever experienced. I'm sure some Americans, in and around Seattle, have experienced some pretty dark and cold winters, but for a southern boy raised in North Carolina who lived in sunny Colorado Springs for the past 6 years, winter in England was an experience I prayed against daily. :)

I spoke warmth and sunshine often. The Lord says ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and you will find. Well, that might have been the Holy Spirit He was talking about there, but God did give us authority over this world and He does say, speak to the mountain. So I did. I even started wishing the magnetic poles would shift to bring Great Britain into a more southern climate... but I didn't speak that. The Bible says not to ask to receive on your own lusts. I wouldn't be much of a loving minister if I spoke into existence magnetic pole shifts that most likely would cause earthquakes and devastate crops and who knows what else. But I did slightly hope for it. I repent, LOL.

I tell you God has a sense of humor. My birthday arrived almost 6 months to the day we landed and on my birthday, the sun shone from sun up to sun down. I did not see a shadow of a cloud all day. That was the first (and only) day that's occurred since we arrived. God loves me. He loves you too. Do you know that? Have you felt His love for you lately?

I have struggled these past 6 months to feel God's love for me. He never stopped loving me. I know that. It was me, who had trouble because of what I was looking at and thinking on. In addition to the bleak winter, we have struggled financially; the temperature in our home rarely exceeds 60°F; I miss my precious daughter who stayed in Colorado Springs; I miss my parents, brothers, sisters and friends; the food here is nothing like what I am accustomed to; shopping is not the same. It's a foreign world and my mind was stayed on foreign things; not on Christ Jesus.

We've all heard it, at least those in the Christian circles I've been around. The "battlefield of the mind". No matter how bad or good your life can look to others, there is a battlefield of your thoughts going on. Some would say the poorer and more difficult your circumstances, the harder it is to fight the thoughts of the mind and get them in alignment with what God would say. What hope would say. What faith would say. Having recently read an interview with the comedian Jim Carrey, I can guarantee you, the battlefield of the mind is not limited to the poor and destitute. Jim Carrey is listening to thoughts from satan that are darker than most people ever deal with. You know, we don't ever have to experience anxiety, fear or darkness. Jim can be set free today if He would only think on certain things.

Most all of Jesus' Disciples died an unpleasant death but they finished their course and had joy in it all. John, who lived to an old age, had a revelation of God's love for him so much that no matter what people did to his body, there was no ill affect. I want to be like that. You do not have to be swayed by emotions based upon you situation. It seems to me, the best state to be in is to know how much God loves you. There is a place we can be in where all our emotions and desires are of Him and from Him. In that secret place... in that abiding place, there is neither fear nor anxiety. There is only power, love and a sound mind. Your emotions and desires run off the fuel of your thoughts. There are only 2 types of thought fuels out there... thoughts of the world and thoughts of the Spirit. Both produces their own desires and emotions. One leads to death and the other to eternal life.

I've known for a long time how important abiding in Him is. If I could say there was one thing the Lord would have me focus on, as I minister to others, is to teach on this. From my perspective, abiding in a loving relationship with Him, produces all the fruits of the vine. Christians need to know how to live under the wings of our Father. People all over the world need to feel the essence of God's peace when one of His children walks into the room. When darkness falls on a place, the light of God in and through us should shine so brightly that it does what light does, casts out darkness. Darkness has no strength against light. It cannot resist light in any way. It simply vanishes.

As I continue to share online, in Churches and in life, wherever I go, don't be surprised to hear some facet of abiding in Him and walking in the Spirit come out of what I share. It's what I have been called to do as a Christian; it is what gives me life; and it is what allows me to walk in the shadow of death and fear no evil. If you yearn to enjoy life, live in love and peace, and be a strength to those around you, you too will seek the secret place of the most High and laugh with our Father at the plans of the enemy.

"But they that hope in the Lord shall change their strength to endure for the better; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." - Isaiah 40:31

God Bless!